Taft Oil Technology Academy

A CPA Lighthouse Academy

"More than just oil"

Student Christina - "I love Taft Oil-Tech Academy because...it's our own little community within Taft High"
I’m a part of something bigger than me. Everyone’s so welcoming! -Jessica
Student Drake - "I love Taft Oil-Tech Academy because..."it's opened up doors and opportunities into the real world"
I feel prepared for the real world thanks to my teachers! -Drake
Student Christina - "I love Taft Oil-Tech Academy because...you build great relationships"
I created lifelong friendships with Taft Oil Tech! -Christina

About Us

The Taft Oil Technology Academy- A CPA Lighthouse Academy

Vision Statement

The Taft High Oil Technology Academy seeks to guide students to realize their full potential by emphasizing high standards of academic excellence and personal growth so students become competitive, competent and contributing members of society with high moral character.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Taft High Oil Technology Academy is to develop partnerships between the petroleum industry, high school administrators and teachers to work with a group of high school students who:

  1. want to explore careers related to the petroleum industry, science, math and engineering;
  2. have the desire to become self-motivated, contributing members of society; and
  3. want to seize the opportunity to succeed in college or in industry after graduation from high school.