Distinguished Acadamy

Distinguished Academy Status 2021

In February 2021, the Taft Oil Technology Academy was designated as a “Distinguished Academy” California Partnership Academies can earn this title by surviving a rigorous audit of all program components required by California Education Code sections 54690-54699. The first review for overall program compliance was made on CPA annual reports for the most recent three years, to show both quality and continuity. Programs making this cut were then reviewed for providing additional options to students such as articulation agreements, dual credit, and industry certifications. Once a list of programs meeting these standards was in place, each of the programs on the list were requested to provide the CDE with substantiating materials for review; i.e., class rosters, integrated project curricula, meeting agendas and minutes, and staffing schedules. Finally, each program was visited and reviewed by CDE, CCASN, and/or Lighthouse Academy staff.